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ECEn 464 Laboratory: Fall 2013

Lab Assignments

Week Lab
Oct. 30 Lab #1: ADS investigation of S-parameters for 2-port networks
Nov. 6 Lab #2: Power dividers
Nov. 13 Lab #3: Branch line coupler
Nov. 20 Lab #4: Coupled line filter
Dec. 4 Lab #5: Amplifier and Noise Analysis (Touchstone files for Examples 11.3 and 11.4)

Each student must participate together with the lab group in all aspects of the lab. Groups cannot divide responsibilities so that one person completes part of the lab in the absence of others.

Labs must be turned in the following lab period after scheduled completion. Late labs will receive a 10% deduction. All labs must be turned in no later than the last day of class.

Lab Reports:

Include in your lab writeup the following items:
  1. Name, course number, lab section, date of lab, title of lab.
  2. Preliminary derivations, calculations, performance specifications, design work, etc.
  3. Plots and layouts.
  4. Interpretation of results, design performance assessment, explanation of discrepancies.

Lab reports will be graded on completeness, clarity, and quality, as follows:

  10 points: Complete lab, neat writeup, correct results and discussion
  9 points: Complete lab but with mistakes or minor omissions
  8 points: Conceptual errors, some smaller parts not completed, sloppy writeup
  7 points: Serious errors, major sections not completed
  1-6 points: Partial lab, only a small part of the lab done, student did not participate with lab group, etc.


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