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ECEn 464 Information: Fall 2013


Karl F. Warnick
Office: 459 CB
Office: 422-5736

Zhenchao Yang
480 CB
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-9:00      Lab Sec. 1
430 CB
9:00-10:00       Lab Sec. 1
430 CB
10:00-11:00       Lab Sec. 1
430 CB
11:00-12:00  Class
406 CB
 Devotional  Class
406 CB
406 CB
2:00-3:00  Office        
3:00-4:00       Lab Sec. 2
430 CB
4:00-5:00      Lab Sec. 2
430 CB
5:00-6:00      Lab Sec. 2
430 CB


Class Text

Pozar, Microwave Engineering , 4th Ed, John Wiley. ISBN: 978-0-470-63155-3

Grading Policy

  • Midterm Exams: One midterm exam will be given.

  • Final Exam: The final exam will be comprehensive but will emphasize material after the midterm.

  • Homework: Homework will be collected weekly.

  • Lab: All labs must be completed in order to pass the lab portion of the class.

Grade Rule

  Midterm: 30%
  Final: 35%
  Homework: 15%
  Lab 20%

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an educational program or activity that receives federal funds. The act is intended to eliminate sex discrimination in education. Title IX covers discrimination in programs, admissions, activities, and student-to-student sexual harassment. BYU's policy against sexual harassment extends not only to employees of the University but to students as well. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination, please talk to your professor; contact the BYU Equal Employment Opportunity Office at 422-5895; or contact the Honor Code Office at 422-2847.

Students with Disabilities

Brigham Young University is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere that reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability that may impair your completing this course successfully, please contact the University Accessibility Center (422-2767). Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by the UAC. If you need assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. You may contact the Equal Employment Office at 422-5895, D-282 ASB.

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